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From researchers to dial-up users, and from web designers to webmasters, they all need to download an entire website at some point, and that is one of those tasks that cannot be done just manually. A1 Website Download automates the whole download process and allows you to customize the task to fit your requirements exactly so that you can keep an offline copy of the site with just the content you need.

Be it for backup purposes, to browse the site offline, or simply to avoid connectivity issues while showing it as part of your presentation, A1 Website Download is one of those tools that serve a wide variety of users. The program has been designed to offer both a straightforward solution to those who merely requires a quick copy of a specific website and a highly configurable webmaster tool for those web engineers that know what to download and in what shape. The latter will find this application to be utterly comprehensive, and for some that may translate into a steep learning curve.

Once you’ve selected the site you wish to replicate, the program offers the savvy user a wide range of options to configure the download, the crawler engine, and the crawler login, as well as webmaster, analysis, and output filters. These may require you to click on the Help button every now and then, as the possibilities are endless and the labels that describe the different options have not been written with the layman user in mind. Besides, it is important to know the implications of checking a filter on or off before launching the process.

If you don’t want to leave anything to chance or if you don’t feel truly confident of the consequences of tweaking this or that command, simply turn to the program’s Simplified Easy Mode, paste the URL of the site in question, tell the program where to put the resulting files, and let the program scan the entire site and take all the tough decisions for you. There are some simple and easy-to-take decisions that may enrich your backup copy of the site, such as the option to convert all relative links to avoid “broken link” errors when browsing offline or to download images and other elements that are not part of the selected domain. Actually, you can use this program as a basic image extractor and download only the graphic content hosted on a certain website.

If you’re not too sure if A1 Website Download is for you, you can download a fully-functioning 30-day trial from the site and check it for yourself. This is a professional tool aimed at professionals (hence its price tag) with a simplified module for non-savvy users. There are free alternatives on the Web that will also allow you to grab an entire website in a snap but don’t expect the level of sophistication that this program offers.

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  • Can be used as a straightforward image downloader
  • Provides a wide range of filters to customize the download
  • Can schedule webiste downloads


  • Requires a significant learning curve
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