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A1 Website Download is a website downloader and offline browser
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A1 Website Download is a website downloader and offline browser. It allows you to download complete websites to your computer that you can browse later without a connection to the Internet. It has a convenient "easy mode" for quick and easy downloading; the advanced mode unlocks very advanced features.

It is very easy to download a website with the "easy mode" enabled. The user's input required includes only telling the app what website you want downloaded. You can additionally change the folder in your system where the downloaded files are going to be put. After that, the scan begins, and the program will allow you to start browsing the page after you click on the "view website" tab. For bigger sites, you can still browse the websites, but the application will function as a web browser until all files are fully downloaded. When they are, you can use any web browser to access the files, or use the built-in one, which is very complete, with Flash support and everything.

It is rather a complicated task to browse sites offline, because all the links have to be changed so that you can access them offline, and all possible pages that you can access have to be downloaded. Thus, you can expect to feel some slowdowns here and there, but, all in all, the application works ok.

The advanced features allow you to set up crawlers that will filter content and download some types of content, and will discard other types. The advanced features are very powerful, and I am sure advanced users will make a lot more sense out of them than I can as a standard user.

José Fernández
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  • I like the fact that there is an easy mode and an advanced mode to keep all the advanced features from someone who can mess them up
  • Built-in browser


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